Intellificial (formerly QualityArc) are leaders in activated-intelligence.

Traditional AI and RPA projects can bog down in silos and struggle with cultural change and governance challenges. Through our S3 framework, Activated Intelligence is a more scalable, secure and responsible approach to Automation. It is problem based, ROI focused and human centric that goes beyond Applied Intelligence to Activated Intelligence across your business.

  • Sustainable

  • An ethical and responsible approach that addresses automation anxiety while unlocking core data value for continous delivery of benefits.

  • Scalable

  • A holistic approach to strategy with authority in design that deliver enterprise-wide, end-to-end automation solutions across the full life cycle.

  • Secure

  • Governance and security concerns are at the core of  Activated Intelligence. Our Quality Assurance ensures peace of mind and resilience for your intelligent automation journey.

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We help you realise the potential
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Training programs for the
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Intellificial (formerly QualityArc) was ranked the 11th fastest-growing IT company in Australia for 2022 by CRN.


  • Pathway to Intelligence Continuum: Evolving from Quality Assurance to Assured AI

  • Software testing is key in digital transformation. Intellificial evolves QA to Assured AI, enhancing efficiency via the S3 framework.

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  • Transforming Retail with AI-Assisted Software Testing

  • AI vital for retail success; poor service costs AU$74B annually.

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  • Activating the Benefits of AI in Your Business: The S3 Framework

  • S3 framework: Sustainability, Scalability, Security. Empowering Australian businesses with robust AI integration.

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