Our industry experienced team combined with practice-based approach has helped us achieve rating of over 4.75 of 5 across our trainings

The success of a digital transformation program enormously depends on the employees readiness to manage these transformations and run the implemented solutions efficiently. The Academy is committed to helping enterprises with their ‘employee digital readiness’ programs. Not only will enterprises learn the functional skills of automation but the principles of our Activated Intelligence approach, a more human-centric, sustainable, secure, and scalable approach that delivers greater value for companies while reducing the impact of change.


The technology landscape is ever-changing. We help you learn the latest skills from emerging technology fields. These are areas that will help you get ready for future opportunities and take your career to newer heights.

Our focus is not only to help organisations upskill their employees but also to build highly engaged teams. Learning is a key driver for personal motivation and an excellent platform for teams to learn & grow together.

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