Our solutions and accelerators help solve challenging operational problems and enhance revenue generating opportunities

Innovative solutions across technologies

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Emerging field of AI is continually presenting opportunities to innovate and disrupt. Our solutions help enterprises to start and continue the AI journey that goes beyond applied AI to Activated Intelligence.

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  • Automation

  • Our smart solutions help organisations implement intelligent RPA from inception to CoE (Centre of Excellence) post maturity levels leveraging years of automation experience and our S3 philosophy.

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  • Continuous Delivery

  • Our solutions and frameworks across the DevOps enablement, Governance, Containerisation, and Test environment management have enabled organisations and achieve digital transformation goals.

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  • iQA

  • We promise to reduce your enterprise's ‘cost of quality’ by delivering high-quality solutions to businesses and end-users. We help you plan and execute efficient quality strategies by leveraging our pre-built quality accelerators.

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Solutions used in house

We walk the talk when it comes to our solutions, using them in-house to continually improve our own operations. In doing so, we are able to consistently mature these solutions. We can confidently recommend and implement them for clients, knowing that they are guaranteed to deliver extreme values.

  • QEA – Enterprise Virtual Assistant

  • QEA has become the first point of contact for employees, providing responses to FAQs around HR, leave, project status, timesheets, and more. This virtual assistant saves hours of effort, allowing our staff to focus more on customer service activities.

  • BOT

  • We have built the birthday bot so that we never forget a team member's birthday! The bot ensures that every birthday is special as they receive a personalized wish at 9 am on their birthday.

  • Monthly Reporting Automation

  • This analytic, automated workflow combines finance system and CRM data to produce a monthly report outlining the expected revenue by service line, per quarter. What used to take hours every month, now gets done in a matter of seconds.


  • Transforming Retail with AI-Assisted Software Testing

  • AI vital for retail success; poor service costs AU$74B annually.

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  • Activating the Benefits of AI in Your Business: The S3 Framework

  • S3 framework: Sustainability, Scalability, Security. Empowering Australian businesses with robust AI integration.

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  • Data Hygiene: The Critical Launchpad for AI in Retail

  • Clean data is essential for AI success in retail. Intellificial's S3 framework ensures accuracy and efficiency for predictive models.

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