We help you maximise value from automation investments through our problem-based,
ROI-focused and human-centric approach

Activating your automation journey

One of the most effective ways to gain a competitive advantage is to invest in Automation and AI, and the best way to maximise that investment is through Activated Intelligence.

The journey from automating simple tasks to the full benefits of an Activated Intelligence approach, differs for each enterprise. While the core technologies may be the same, Intellificial can help define a journey that is right for you.

Following our S3 framework, we ensure our solution is secure in terms of governance, auditability, and quality. Our solutions are sustainable by responsibly factoring in human impact and company culture. We leverage continuous delivery, unlock core values, and democratise Artifical Intelligence by empowering non-technical users. Our solutions are scalable, achieving wins from small automation tasks to embedding intelligence into every process.

Services across the lifecycle of a Digital Transformation Project

  • Advisory

  • We can help you realise the opportunities emerging from implementing AI and automation solutions in ways that are secure, sustainable, and scalable across your enterprise.

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  • Implement

  • We provide comprehensive and effective design, development, and testing services across AI & Automation projects of different risk and cost profiles.

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  • Operate

  • Our managed services are designed to simplify the development, management, and operation of your end-to-end digital assets.

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  • Educate

  • Our Academy is helping enterprises and individuals through training programs that augment their knowledge and skills to manage digital solutions efficiently.

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