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How Activated Intelligence overcomes the “AI Silo of Death”

  05 March 2024

One of the most significant challenges in the realm of AI and RPA is the tendency for projects to become isolated within specific departments or functions, leading to the dreaded 'silo effect'. Activated Intelligence (A2I) provides a strategic antidote to this issue, ensuring that AI initiatives contribute cohesively to the broader objectives of the organisation. 


Breaking Down Barriers 

A2I encourages a culture of transparency and cross-departmental collaboration, essential for breaking down silos. In Australian businesses, where departments often operate with a high degree of autonomy, A2I facilitates communication and shared objectives, aligning various teams around common goals. 


Integrated Solutions for a Unified Approach 

With A2I, solutions are not developed in isolation but are integrated into the business's ecosystem, ensuring that they complement and enhance existing processes. For example, in the financial services sector, A2I might integrate RPA with existing customer relationship management (CRM) systems to streamline operations from customer service to back-office processing. 


From Isolated Tasks to End-to-End Processes 

A2I shifts the focus from isolated tasks to end-to-end process optimisation. This holistic view is particularly beneficial in complex operational environments like Australia's diverse and geographically dispersed markets. By looking at the full spectrum of a process, A2I ensures that AI and RPA are not just automating tasks but enhancing entire workflows. 


Governance and Leadership 

Effective governance is key to overcoming silos, and A2I embeds governance into the AI strategy. Leadership teams, including in Australian SMEs and large corporations, are encouraged to take an active role in AI initiatives, setting the tone for an integrated, organisation-wide approach to intelligent automation. 



A Culture of Continuous Improvement 

A2I instils a culture of continuous improvement, where feedback loops and data analytics inform ongoing AI development. In the dynamic Australian market, where consumer needs and industry standards are constantly evolving, this agility is critical for maintaining competitive advantage. 


Leveraging Australian Innovation 

Australia's strong focus on innovation provides fertile ground for A2I to flourish. By leveraging the country’s sophisticated IT infrastructure and innovative spirit, A2I helps Australian businesses to not only implement AI but to lead in its development and application, setting a global benchmark for intelligent automation. 


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